In 2020, it seems that every event needs to be an ‘Instagram-able’ moment. Everything needs to be picture perfect. This can get expensive.
With Eventual Listings, you can plan your event yourself while sticking to your budget.

Here are some tips on how to plan an event yourself:

  1. Estimate how many people will be attending your event.

This should be one of the first steps you take. Without this information you cannot book venues or caterers as there are sometimes minimum and maximum guest restrictions.

  1. Select your venue.

There are several things you need to take into consideration when selecting a venue. Do they offer entertainment? Do you need a dancefloor or a stage? Is catering included? Do they have chairs and tables for your guests? Is there a cleaning service or do you need to stay behind and clean yourself?
Close your eyes and take yourself through the night from start to finish. You drive to the venue, is there parking? When you walk in, are there several rooms? Do you need to put up signs leading people to your event? Are the decorations set up, or was that your job? Where do you put your coat, where do you sit?
Go through every detail as if you are actually there so that you know what questions to ask your potential venue and how to prepare.

  1. Decide on the food/catering.

Food is usually a must at events. Depending on the amount of guests that are attending and the type of event, you may not need a catering service. However, there are many options out there.
You can:
Have a potluck-style event where everyone brings their own food
Cook food your everyone
Buy sandwich platters and pizza (easy takeaway but not appropriate for professional or ‘fancy’ events)
Rent food trucks
Pick up catering (you transport the food yourself)
Hire a full catering service (waiters come and serve)

Also, it may be a good idea to have different choices if you have a diverse group coming. Check for vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher, etc. options. Ask around and see what people want, or have them fill out a food card.

  1. Setting up decorations.

If you are throwing a simple event with not an insane amount of people, decorating on your own may be your cheapest bet. You can have DIY decorations or hit up a party store.

However, if you are planning a weddng or a corporate event where image matters, then hiring a decorator is your best option as they are professionals.

  1. Choosing entertainment.

If you are hiring outside entertainment (your venue may provide entertainment), make sure that the venue you choose has all of the equipment that you need, otherwise you may need to rent it yourself. Entertainers/bands typically bring their own equipment, however you may be expected to supply speakers and microphones. Make sure that there is clear communication between you, the venue, and the entertainment.
By now, you should have an idea of how long the event will be. Entertainers typically get paid hourly, so this is important information.
If your budget cannot support a band or entertainer, you can always just plug a music player or cellphone into a sound system, or rent/buy a karaoke machine.

We hope that your event goes amazingly.

Got tips you want to share? Send them to us here, and we’ll post them!